What is RBI Monetary Policy? | Interesting things about RBI

RBI Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy is the way to control the supply of money and credit cost in the economy. It is constructed by the Central Bank i.e., the Reserve Bank of India. The policy manages the allotment of credit among users and interest rates on lending and borrowing. The role of monetary policy is promoting economic growth. … Read more

Union Budget 2022 Key Highlights | Updated Now

union budget

On February 1, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman introduce Union Budget 2022-23. Budget focus on PM Gati Sakti, Inclusive Development, Enhancement of productivity, Agriculture, housing, Climate action, Financing. As Asia’s third-largest economy rebounds from a pandemic-induced downturn, the budget will build the groundwork for economic development through public investment. Overview of Economy Projected GDP growth is … Read more