Upto Rs.15 Lakhs – Dhanlaxmi Bank Personal Loan

Dhanlaxmi Bank is a reputed bank with 245 branches situated in India and over 250+ ATMs available for customer service. It was established in 1927 in Kerala by a crew of experts that included some entrepreneurs for easy service to customers financially.

In this post, I’ll present the details of how to apply for a personal loan at Dhanlaxmi Bank with its info, eligibility, features, etc.

Loan Details

1Interest Rates11.9-15.7%
2Loan amountUp to 15 Lakhs
3Processing charge2.5% + GST
4Tenure12-60 months
5Minimum age of the applicantAt least 23 years
6Minimum income of the applicantRs 35,000 or more (per month)
7Pre-payment charge2% + GST
8Lowest EMIRs 2,219 per Lakhs

Steps to apply for Dhanlaxmi Bank Personal Loan

Step-1: Fill out the loan query form by entering your true personal details like Mobile, Address, mail-id,etc.

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Step-2: You’ll receive an OTP and by entering it, you will be redirected to Personal loan section.

Step-3: Next, various loan offers will be displayed to you.

Step-4: The bank team will contact you and would advise as per your needs.

Features of Dhanlaxmi Bank Personal Loan

  • Flexible tenure period
  • Easy approval of loans
  • Negligible rate of interest
  • Less paperwork
  • Quick transfer of money after loan approval

Eligibility Criteria

There are some pre-defined needs to be eligible to take a personal loan at Dhanlaxmi Bank and they are specified as follows:

Dhanlaxmi For Salaried applicants

  • Applicant’s age: 23 years or more
  • Minimum monthly income: Rs 35,000 or more
  • Profile of applicant: Should be working at government institution or in a reputed organization
  • Work experience: Minimum 2 years

For Self-Employed applicants

  • Applicant’s age: 23 years or more
  • Minimum annual income: Rs 1.8 Lakhs or more
  • Profile of applicant: Should be an owner of some business firm or a partner of firm or involved in a self-employed profession
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Required Documents

The documents needed to apply for a personal loan at Dhanlaxmi Bank varies as per eligibility criteria and they are:

For Salaried applicants:

  1. Identity proof (PAN card/Voter ID/Driving license)
  2. Age proof (Passport/Birth certificate/Driving license)
  3. Continuity proof (Company’s appointment letter)
  4. Income proof (Income slips)
  5. Passport sized photographs

For Self-Employed applicants

  1. Identity proof (PAN card/Voter ID/Driving license)
  2. Age proof (Passport/Birth certificate/Driving license)
  3. Proof of legal existence of firm (Shop establishment certificate)
  4. Operating address proof (Telephone bill of firm)
  5. Passport sized photographs

Dhanlaxmi Bank comparison with other banks

SL.No.Bank NameLoan AmountProcessing fee (without GST)Interest Rates
1ICICIUp to Rs 25 Lakhs2.25%10.5-19%
2DeutscheUp to Rs 15 Lakhs2%10-11.4%
3HDFCUp to Rs 40 Lakhs2.5%10-21%
4BOIUp to Rs 10 Lakhs2-4%8.35-10.35%
5DBSUp to Rs 15 Lakhs1-3%10.9-34%

Check Status

You can easily track the status of your personal loan at Dhanlaxmi Bank by clicking the below button:

Contact Details

Mail-id: customercare@dhanbank.co.in 

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Phone number: 048-7661-3000 (charges are applied)

Official website: Visit now!


1]. Are processing charges applied to avail of a personal loan?

Yes, processing fees up to 2.5% without GST are applicable.

2]. Is the personal loan at Dhanlaxmi transferred fast?

Yes, but the conditions and eligibility are checked, and then the decision can be taken.

3]. As I am a teacher, Can I apply for a personal loan at Dhanlaxmi?

Yes, you can as per your eligibility criteria.

4]. What is the tenure period?

It’s about 12 to 60 months.

5]. Does the bank system treat all consumers equally for the personal loan provided?

It depends on one’s eligibility and the conditions. So, it varies person-to-person.

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