What is Foreign Exchange (Forex) ? | Service’s in India

Foreign Exchange (Forex)

The exchange of one country’s currency into another is known as foreign exchange. The value of a country’s currency in a free economy is determined by supply and demand principles. To put it another way, a currency’s value can be linked to the value of a currency from another country, such as the US dollar, … Read more

What is RBI Monetary Policy? | Interesting things about RBI

RBI Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy is the way to control the supply of money and credit cost in the economy. It is constructed by the Central Bank i.e., the Reserve Bank of India. The policy manages the allotment of credit among users and interest rates on lending and borrowing. The role of monetary policy is promoting economic growth. … Read more

Factors Affecting Indian Stock Market | Trader’s Must Know

Factors Affecting Stock Market

The stock market volatile nature makes it an appealing possibility to enter. The stock market’s future performance is hard to anticipate. This keeps the investor awake, debating whether or not to invest. There is no simple formula that can predict how a stock’s price will move. However, there are a few factors that cause a … Read more

What is Initial Public Offering (IPO)? | Unknown Facts

Initial Public Offering

When a company sold its shares for the first time is called Initial Public Offering(IPO). It is a primary market activity. This happens when a company wants to be listed on the stock exchange. They offer their shares to the public and in exchange for money i.e known as share value. In this process public … Read more

What are Mutual Funds? | Unknown Facts

Mutual funds

A mutual fund is a type of financial instrument that aggregates money out of several investors to invest in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets. Professional money managers manage mutual funds, allocating assets and aiming to generate capital gains or income for the investors. You can be an investor of … Read more