Upto Rs.25 Lakhs – Fullerton Bank Personal Loan

Fullerton Bank covers around 650+ branches all over India providing the best services to their customers. It is running all the financing services helping the normal public.

In this post, I’ll cover how to take a personal loan from Fullerton Bank along with its details, procedure, eligibility, etc.

Loan Details

SL. No. Category Data
1Interest rates11.9%
2Loan amountUp to Rs 25 Lakhs
3TenureUp to 5 years
4AgeBetween 21 to 60
5Monthly incomeRs 20,000 or above
6Processing chargeUp to 6% + GST
7Lowest EMIRs 2,244 per Lakhs

Steps to apply at Fullerton Bank for Personal Loan

Step-1: Visit the official website and then fill up the loan application form by providing personal details.

Step-2: Once personal details are entered, OTP will be sent on your device. Thus, complete the whole registration.

Step-3: Agency officers will then ask you for providing the documents and then verifying them.

Step-4: Personal interview will then be conducted and based on that, a Personal loan will be given to the applicant.


  • Repayment tenure period is flexible
  • Affordable loan alternatives
  • Lower processing charges
  • Higher amount of loan with lesser paperwork

Types of Fullerton Personal Loan

There exist various types of personal loans at Fullerton and they are mentioned as:

  • For women
  • For salaried individuals
  • For Elite
  • For Weddings
  • For Holidays
  • For Doctors
  • For Medical Urgencies
  • For Home Re-decoration

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria depend on two types of people who are applying to ask for a personal loan at Fullerton Bank. These criteria are as follows:

Fullerton For Salaried applicants

  • Currently employed in private/public firm
  • Monthly income: Rs 25,000 (if resides in Mumbai) else Rs 20,000
  • Minimum age: 21 or above
  • Work experience: 1 year minimum
  • PR of India

For Self-Employed applicants

  • Currently self-employed professional
  • Minimum age: 21 or above
  • Work experience (self-employment): 1 year minimum
  • PR of India

Required Documentation

The documents that are required for availing a personal loan at Fullerton are common for both salaried and Self-employed and are described as:

  1. Identity proof (Adhar card/PAN card/Driving license/Passport)
  2. Address proof (Ration card/Passport/Bills)
  3. Age proof (Passport/PAN card)
  4. Income slips
  5. Bank statement
  6. ITRs of previous 16 months

Comparison of Fullerton Personal loan with other banks

Sl. No.Bank NameLoan amountProcessing chargeInterest rates
1HDFC Up to 40 Lakhs3.5%10.5-21%
2AxisUp to 15 Lakhs2%12-21%
3BajajUp to 25 Lakhs4.1%13%
4CanaraUp to 3 Lakhs0.5%11.2-13.9%

Contact Details

Toll-free number: 18001036001

Mail-id: namaste@fullertonindia.com

Check Status

You can easily track your application for a personal loan at Fullerton by clicking on this button


1]. Who is eligible to apply for a personal loan at Fullerton?

Salaried, as well as self-employed people, are eligible to ask for a personal loan after meeting the criteria.

2]. Is it possible to foreclose the personal loan?

Yes, you can foreclose the Fullerton personal loan.

3]. What are the minimum and maximum tenure of the personal loans?

The minimum tenure is 12 months, whereas the maximum tenure is up to 60 months.

4]. Does Fullerton levies late payment penalties?

Yes, they do charge penalty fees depending upon the criteria and situation, and the type of loan availed.

5]. How can I use Fullerton personal loans?

You can use them for fulfilling minor needs like car purchases, marriage, etc.

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