How to save money on grocery

Home grocery is the primary thing in everyone’s life, in this article, I am going to share some of the tips and tricks on how you can save money on groceries.

1] Plan a budget

Do proper planning for a budget before going grocery shopping, and try to keep with only that much of the required budget amount so that it will prevent you from purchasing any other extra things.

2] Complete your meal before your grocery purchase

During the grocery purchase time, whatever you see you like to eat, and unknowingly you may spend lots of money on eating junk food, so finish off your meal before shopping at the grocery.

3] Look around and select comparable pricing

Look around all the merchants before purchasing, and try to get the same items as low as possible, this will cut your leverage on spending.

4] Buy in bulk

Lots of shops will provide coupons and discounts on purchasing grocery items in bulk, so this cuts the lost cost of groceries.

5] Use Coupons during purchase

If you are groceries from online apps like Blinkit, or Swiggy, then try to apply the coupons, you can get these coupons online by searching on the internet.

6] Reduce wastage of the food

Don’t prepare food in excess quantity, you are a cook you should know how much food will consumed by family members so saving food wastage is directly proportional to saving money on groceries.

7] Grow your own food

You can also adapt to home gardening where you grow vegetables in your home itself, this will help you a lot in cost cutting.


I have covered important points that one needs to take care of to cut excess costs on grocery spending.

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